Jewel Mische Chopper Girl

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Jewel Mische, the controversial object of affection by young actors Richard Gutierrez and Aljur Abrenica, and the alleged object of hate by Bubbles Paraiso, is actually now training to be the youngest helicopter pilot in the Philippines at 18 years of age.

And consistent with her penchant for not revealing things to the public unless really goaded, Jewel Mische is not telling her parents yet that she is now training to be the youngest chopper pilot in the country. Of course until they get to read all about it in the latest issue of UNO Philippines. Yes, Jewel Mische is the new cover story in the December 2008 issue of the Men’s Magazine. In it, Jewel revealed how she is realizing her dream of being a helicopter pilot by secretly enroling for it. When she was young, it was the piano. Now, helicopters. Jewel Mische is really determined and knows what she wants to get her hands on and the rudiments of how to handle big equipment.